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Boiler Convection Bank Tubes

Boiler Convection Bank Swaged & Bent Tubes project-managed, quality certified and delivered to a satisfied customer. Great feedback resulting
in additional orders for the next two boiler retube packages.

Manufactured with high precision and swaged ends 100% checked with ring gauges to guarantee a ±0.1mm tolerance on both OD and wall thickness. All bends laid out and checked on a full scale template of the boiler to ensure seamless installation onsite. Packed in built-for-purpose transportable frames.

FFF can offer on all package types of replacement boiler tubes including furnaces, convection banks, superheaters, economisers, air heaters and water-walls. Boiler Tube material grades in seamless carbon steel and/or chrome  molybdenum, plain or finned; can be supplied with adherence to any
additional client-specific requirements.

Got a retube coming up? Let FFF Australia project manage the tube supply and ensure your shutdown is successful.