FFF Australia - Blog post - JRC Smart-Idler Launch

JRC Smart-Idler

FFF Australia are proud to announce that the JRC Smart-Idler® roller with wireless real-time monitoring of bearing temperature, vibration, RPM and more, will soon be available in Australia & NZ.

The JRC Smart-Idler® is the result of a new joint relationship between FFF Australia, Vayeron and the Japan Roller Corporation (JRC). The JRC Smart-Idler® will be powered by Vayeron’s second generation technology developed right here in Australia.

Never worry about your conveyor rollers again thanks to Vayeron®’s Smart-Idler®. Monitor your rollers 24/7 with our wireless, automated system at your fingertips. Our easy-to-operate interface will keep your team out of harm’s way while monitoring roller temperature, vibration faults, acoustics and roller shell-wear to predict roller failure – before it costs you time and money. Best of all, Smart-Idler® is a roller subcomponent, therefore it works with existing roller brands and roller manufacturers.