JRC Smart-Idler®

JRC Smart-Idler®

Bringing together the Japan Roller Corporation (JRC) and Vayeron, FFF Australia are proud to present the JRC Smart-Idler®, an innovative & quality manufactured solution which provides an efficient, cost-effective and safe technological solution to pre-empt idler failure.

The JRC Smart-Idler® is the result of a joint partnership between FFF Australia, Vayeron and JRC. With 24/7 wireless smart detection features such as bearing vibration, RPM, temperature and shell wear; the JRC Smart-Idler® provides a constant, holistic view of how your rollers are performing at all times, significantly increasing operational safety.

Continuous roller performance data is accessible through an easy-to-operate interface that will keep your team out of harm’s way while it monitors vibration levels, roller bearing temperature and shell wear; using onboard programming algorithms to predict roller failure – before it happens.

The JRC Smart-Idler® is powered by Vayeron’s second generation technology developed right here in Australia; and in conjunction with FFF Australia’s international partnership for JRC products, the JRC Smart-Idler® is the flagship product in our materials handling range.

By providing an accurate, real-time view of the condition of your conveyor rollers right from the safety of your control room, the system will alert you to any operational issues.

Bearing failure is pre-empted by continuously monitoring and benchmarking key metrics such as:

BPFO = Ball Pass Frequency – Outer Bearing Race, BPFI = Ball Pass Frequency – Inner Bearing Race,

FTF = Bearing Cage Defect Frequency, BSF = Ball Bearing Spin Frequency.

Shell Wear: JRC Smart-Idler® Rollers are equipped with Vayeron’s Smart-Idler® technology which is the first product worldwide to actively measure shell wear in real-time and holistically predict roller failure in advance.

The technology is completely wireless.  The Smart-Idler® sensor harvests power directly from the rotation of the rollers. There is no special wiring and the Real-Time data flows along a roller mesh network to the gateway and straight to your control room giving you the ability to use the information, manage the alerts and prevent delays and damage.


  • Real-time, 24/7 monitoring
  • Holistic sensing
  • Accurate measurement
  • Remote monitoring
  • Low cost, easy installation
  • User friendly reporting system
  • SCADA or cloud-based GUI
  • 33 MHz Communication, 10 mW Power


  • Vibration sensing
  • RPM sensing
  • Shell-wear detection
  • Temperature sensing
  • Wireless technology
  • No batteries required

Why choose JRC Smart-Idler®?

Conveyor roller failure is the leading cause of belt damage and hazardous heating. Globally, roller failure is the primary ignition source in underground coalmine fires. Improve productivity and personnel safety, while reducing downtime and excessive roller expenditure, with JRC Smart-Idler® technology. Streamlining conveyor belt monitoring couldn’t be easier with a wireless, 24/7 conveyor roller reporting and easy-to-use system.

Roller at a temperature which exceeds statutory limits for underground coalmines.

Rollers that have failing bearings will approach hazardous temperatures.

Worn roller shell with sharp edges cutting into the belt.

Discarded roller which has corroded to the point of failure and created a source of extreme belt damage.

JRC Smart-Idler® Monitoring

Continuous critical data flow is essential for machine learning and predictive analysis.  JRC Smart-Idler® Rollers use exception-based reporting with customisable alarm thresholds set according to site preferences. All the data is analysed at the roller, minimising data transfer across network frequencies.

Your future conveyor system health viewed at a glance from anywhere.

At the very least; all you need is a browser and access to the internet.

Bearing vibration & temperature measurement.

Key Benefits of the JRC Smart-Idler®

The JRC Smart-Idler® gives you unprecedented information about its condition, empowering you with the data you need to keep your conveyor systems running.  Revolutionise your operation by maximising your productivity and reducing your operating costs.

Reduce Downtime

JRC Smart-Idler® accurately monitors its own health, predicting failure, and providing advanced warning so that you can take pre-emptive action to replace the failing roller during scheduled maintenance windows. This eliminates the need to perform wasteful early block roller changeouts and cuts down excessive roller inventory stockpiles.

Prevent Damage

JRC Smart-Idler® autonomously provides self-condition monitoring, keeping you informed of key operating parameters in real-time. The resulting visibility allows timely response to reduce the risk of fire, belt wear and tears to prevent severe conveyor damage and costly repairs.

Improve Safety

JRC Smart-Idler® allows your personnel to monitor the status of your conveyor systems in detail and remotely from the comfort and safety of a control room. No manual inspections mean reduced exposure to mechanical hazards.  Receiving instant alerts of unsafe temperature rises in the roller bearings reduce the risk of fires on your conveyor.

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JRC Smart-Idler® Representatives

Managing Director


Business Development Manager


Managing Director


Dave is the product of a lifetime supporting the engineering, mining and materials handling industries.  He is an engineering professional with more than 15 years senior and executive management experience and leads the FFF team out of Perth, Western Australia.

Dave upholds the FFF culture that was founded more than 20 years ago on strong family values, ideals, morals and standards.

Dave describes his job as the “servant leader” who supports the team so that they can deliver what you, the customer expects, each time and that your relationship with FFF is both long and fruitful.


Business Development Manager


Naweed is an engineering professional with a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Post Graduate Degree in Oil & Gas Engineering.  Naweed is currently undertaking an MBA to complement his 12 years’ technical sales, projects and global procurement experience in the oil & gas, mining and industrial sectors.

With significant exposure to manufacturing and sales projects across the Asia Pacific region, Naweed’s focus is on exceeding customer expectations through technical and business excellence, while maintaining effective global supply partner relationships.



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