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Manufacture and Supply of Boiler Convection Bank Tube sets

High precision to guarantee ±0.1mm tolerance

Ongoing supply to support seven coal fired boilers installed at a significant process plant in Queensland, Australia.

FFF Australia’s team and international partners procured the materials, metal forming, heat treatment, certification, packaging, and quality control requirements for the boiler tube convection bank sets.

The required reduction in tube diameter was accomplished by using an established metal forming technique down to finished dimensions in accordance with drawings and specification provided by the client.

The swages were normalised in accordance with AS4458, to achieve final hardness not exceeding 130HB. The high precision manufacture of the swaged ends were checked with ring gauges to guarantee a ±0.1mm tolerance on both OD and wall thickness.

All bends were laid out and checked on a full-scale template of the boiler, to ensure faultless installation onsite. To guarantee safe delivery to the client the tubes were packed in purpose built transportable frames.

“The supply of the tubes were not without issue, it was great that we overcame this and the job was completed with success. I look forward to our future dealings.”

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Bundaberg Critical Breakdown

Airheater Tube Modules

Bundaberg Walkers Engineering and FFF Australia provide a perfectly executed breakdown solution. 80t of welded carbon steel air heater tubes, numbering 8000; manufactured and airfreighted to Queensland within 30 days.

The experienced team at Bundaberg Walkers Engineering were tasked with a critically urgent breakdown requiring the full replacement of multiple air heater modules. They chose FFF Australia as their supply partner to deliver this near impossible deadline.

Bundaberg Walkers Engineering needed 8000 of these application-specific tubes in 30 days. The first batch left our manufacturing partner within 21 days and by the end of the following week, precise logistical coordination had ensured that all 80 tonnes of tube were airfreighted on 5 cargo planes from China to Queensland.

Faced with an unconventional challenge, FFF Australia and Bundaberg Walkers Engineering worked closely to flawlessly execute this project.

Expedited supply allowed Bundaberg Walkers Engineering to fabricate the modules and have the plant up and running with minimal delays.

FFF Australia are proud to support our long term friends at Bundaberg Walkers Engineering in delivering a successful project outcome.

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