Quality Surveillance & Expedited Delivery

FFF Australia has successfully undertaken the strategic procurement, quality surveillance & expedited delivery of 136 metres of seam welded, nickel clad pipes, supplied to the client in 8m lengths.

As international sourcing specialists, FFF Australia commissioned the fabrication of high-quality seam welded, nickel clad pipes with a manufacturing partner in Italy, even during restrictive trading conditions of COVID-19. This was possible due to FFF Australia’s reputation and evidenced adherence to current safe working practices that provided a level of comfort for the Italian government, in turn granting permission to continue to trade.

All certificates (A516-70/ UNS N02201), testing and documentation was provided to the client to satisfy quality requirements.

FFF’s supply scope also included Incoterms DDP, packaging and crating to ensure secure sea-freight delivery to the client site to meet their timescales. The team at FFF ensured adherence to procedures and processes to mitigate COVID-19 whilst ensuring the safe and timely delivery of the materials.

“The commitment and enterprise that FFF Australia demonstrated to fulfil our requirements during this time has been excellent. Very grateful to the team at FFF, thanks.”

thumbnail of FFF Australia – International sourcing and supply of seam welded nickel clad pipes

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