JRC Smart Idler first data capture during commissioning of life cycle run to failure roller on test rig

JRC Smart-Idler Life Cycle Testing

Earlier this week we witnessed the commissioning of the first JRC Smart-Idler® roller on the life cycle test rig at JRC’s lab in Japan.

Japan Roller Corporation (JRC), FFF Australia and Vayeron have been working together on the JRC Smart-Idler® roller life cycle testing plan that will include fully tracked “run to failure” endurance tests & environmental exposure (water & dust ingress) testing.

The Vayeron Smart-Idler® MKII sensor will be wirelessly reporting real time RPM, bearing temperatures and bearing vibration frequency data to the 4G LTE gateway from within the fully enclosed heavy duty steel idler roller.

The charts in the feature image show the following bearing frequencies:

BPFO = Ball Pass Frequency Outer (race)
BPFI = Ball Pass Frequency Inner (race)
FTF = Cage Defect Frequency
BSF = Ball Spin Frequency

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