Manufacture and Supply of Boiler Convection Bank Tube sets

High precision to guarantee ±0.1mm tolerance

Ongoing supply to support seven coal fired boilers installed at a significant process plant in Queensland, Australia.

FFF Australia’s team and international partners procured the materials, metal forming, heat treatment, certification, packaging, and quality control requirements for the boiler tube convection bank sets.

The required reduction in tube diameter was accomplished by using an established metal forming technique down to finished dimensions in accordance with drawings and specification provided by the client.

The swages were normalised in accordance with AS4458, to achieve final hardness not exceeding 130HB. The high precision manufacture of the swaged ends were checked with ring gauges to guarantee a ±0.1mm tolerance on both OD and wall thickness.

All bends were laid out and checked on a full-scale template of the boiler, to ensure faultless installation onsite. To guarantee safe delivery to the client the tubes were packed in purpose built transportable frames.

“The supply of the tubes were not without issue, it was great that we overcame this and the job was completed with success. I look forward to our future dealings.”

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