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Special A179 & A192 carbon steel heat exchanger tube, the microstructure exceeds standard industry specifications

At FFF Australia, we constantly strive to avoid waste by focusing on product quality, robust materials and innovative design practices. This ensures durable equipment that lasts even when exposed to the harshest environments.

An example of this is our special A179 & A192 carbon steel heat exchanger tube, the microstructure of which exceeds standard industry specifications and provides a longer tube life together with reduced maintenance requirements. Our HEX tube product offers market-leading longevity and reliability in the highly corrosive H2SO4 environment encountered during the BAYER process for Alumina refining.

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CF8M stainless steel split gland followers and long-life Wolfram shaft sleeves

We are pleased to have shipped a range of CF8M stainless steel split gland followers and long-life Wolfram shaft sleeves, to a happy customer for their slurry pumps!

We have a range of Wolfram shaft sleeves for various bearing sizes and brands in stock today. Reports from our customer sites are showing a 3 to 10 fold increase in wear life compared to OEM supplied sleeves.

All this translates into less pump downtime, fewer repairs and less maintenance; resulting in the lowest cost of ownership for our customers!

Designed for the harshest mining environments, the Wolfram Shaft Sleeve can fit all types and brands of slurry pumps.

If you would like to know more, contact our sales team today.

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Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger for a major WA chemicals manufacturer!

What a success it was the delivery of a 321-SS Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger for a major WA chemicals

We are so proud of the results, we couldn't resist sharing some concluding shots of the quality manufacturing of
this special heat exchanger.

The completion and delivery of this project was no easy feat and required strict oversight and communication in
coordinating multiple manufacturing, quality and inspection personnel remotely due to the COVID challenges we
have seen in the last 12 months.

If you need a newly designed or replacement heat exchanger or pressure vessel, please speak to us today.
Without a doubt, we have the most experienced home-grown pressure equipment experts on our team, across

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Family-owned FFF Australia secure contracts totalling over $4 million

Our loan helped FFF Australia fulfil contracts without losing sight of their own business growth.

For more than 21 years, family-owned FFF Australia are known as strategic sourcing specialists, supplying into the mining, petrochemical, sugar engineering and oil & gas industries across Australia.

Their international manufacturing partner network means they can source key parts that are not available in the Australian market.

“We have over 800 supply partners around the world that we work with,” said Dave Derman, Managing Director of FFF Australia.

After securing a number of contracts totalling over $4 million with one of Australia’s largest Alumina producers in Queensland, FFF Australia needed financing to help them meet supplier payment terms and support their growing order book.


A successful reconnection 

Having received our support several years ago to help them fulfil an export, FFF Australia knew they wanted to work with us again.

“I was quite impressed with the level of service and speed in which we were able to line up a deal and actually get it through – we’ve had a very successful relationship so far.”

Our $1 million Export Line of Credit Facility allowed them to pay suppliers and fill gaps in the cash cycles that vary from contract to contract.

“Nature of our business is that we have a very long transaction cycle time. It’s a long time before we see any income or revenue flow in our direction,” said Dave.

“It makes our working capital requirements very bumpy – we’ll have a few large projects that have soaked up a large amount of our working capital.”

Smoothing out the bumps 

Dave said that our financial support made a big impact on FFF Australia’s ability to meet customer needs without losing sight of their own business’ growth.

“We focused on making sure we could meet our business-as-usual requirements, but with some of that pressure taken off, we were able to step back a little bit and work on our business.”

“The facility that Export Finance Australia gave us was flexible enough to smooth out the bumps. You free up the time to work on your business rather than being in your business just trying to survive.”

Accelerating growth 

FFF Australia said they would recommend us to other businesses and continue working with us.

“It’s fantastic, and we hope to continue to maintain this relationship. It was about accelerated growth which Export Finance Australia has made possible.”


With the help from Export Finance Australia, we were able to free up cash and basically work on our own diversification: adding additional products into our line, recruit critical people and strengthen our in-house capabilities.
Dave Derman, Managing Director, FFF Australia


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Respirator Filter Cartridges

A significant Australian refinery involving highly hazardous production processes required urgent sourcing of respirator equipment to protect against vapours, acid gases, ammonia derivatives, dusts, mists and fumes.

Within one week, FFF Australia were able to urgently source branded MSA and 3M filter cartridges which prevented production shutdown and costly down-time.

Using our global sourcing network, we identified distributors of 3M and MSA filter cartridges and engaged our local representatives to strictly verify the quality and authenticity of the cartridges.

The high-performance filters provide strong protection against a wide range of toxic gases and particles in full accordance with European standards.

We then acted promptly to secure 600+ filter cartridges and arranged for these to be airfreighted, including further testing to verify allowable levels of active carbon in accordance with international aviation rules.

“We’re very grateful for the swift assistance of FFF Australia. It’s evidence of their reputation as international strategic sourcing specialists with a well-connected global network on which they can draw.”

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Australia’s International Sourcing Specialists

Providing Australian businesses access to a global supply chain of nearly 800 providers, for over 20 years.

FFF Australia commission the manufacture, production or fabrication of equipment, products or components to any design and specification. We’ve been supporting Australian companies for over 20 years by sourcing quality, compliant and often superior products from our global network of suppliers. During this time we’ve built up an unrivalled network of nearly 800 suppliers across the globe. Over 23% of our suppliers are based in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, providing access to industry leading manufactured products.

We believe in supporting Australian businesses, like our own, as well. Over a fifth of our suppliers are based across our nation, offering cost effective and timely delivery, whilst supporting the economy in Australia.

The diagram above highlights our broad reach that, combined with our accreditations, gives our clients confidence that regardless of the trading conditions or request, at FFF Australia we’ll be able to source a solution.

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International sourcing, testing, and airfreighted delivery

FFF Australia has expedited the ex-stock supply, testing and airfreight delivery of approximately 500 metres (4.2 Tonnes) of SA213-TP304H boiler tubes.

Independent testing included;

  • Spectro for chemical,
  • Mechanical – UTS, Yield, % elongation, flaring test, flattening test, hardness,
  • Corrosion test – IGC Practice E,
  • Metallography – Grain size,
  • Visual, dimensional and PMI performed on 100% of the tubes by FFF inspector.

All material, testing and documentation was provided to the client to satisfy quality requirements.

FFF’s supply scope also ensured airfreight supply and delivery to the client site to meet their timescales. The team at FFF ensured that they adhered to procedures and processes to mitigate COVID-19 whilst ensuring the safe and timely delivery of the urgent materials.

“I appreciate your efforts in getting the inspections carried out in a timely manner and sourcing at short notice. Your due diligence on meeting the supply specs is refreshing to see.”

thumbnail of FFF Australia – Urgent delivery of ex-stock 304H boiler tubes

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Manufacture and Supply of Boiler Convection Bank Tube sets

High precision to guarantee ±0.1mm tolerance

Ongoing supply to support seven coal fired boilers installed at a significant process plant in Queensland, Australia.

FFF Australia’s team and international partners procured the materials, metal forming, heat treatment, certification, packaging, and quality control requirements for the boiler tube convection bank sets.

The required reduction in tube diameter was accomplished by using an established metal forming technique down to finished dimensions in accordance with drawings and specification provided by the client.

The swages were normalised in accordance with AS4458, to achieve final hardness not exceeding 130HB. The high precision manufacture of the swaged ends were checked with ring gauges to guarantee a ±0.1mm tolerance on both OD and wall thickness.

All bends were laid out and checked on a full-scale template of the boiler, to ensure faultless installation onsite. To guarantee safe delivery to the client the tubes were packed in purpose built transportable frames.

“The supply of the tubes were not without issue, it was great that we overcame this and the job was completed with success. I look forward to our future dealings.”

thumbnail of FFF Australia – Manufacture and Supply – Boiler Convection Bank Tube sets

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Petrochemical S&T Heat Exchanger Bonnets

FFF Australia supply and monitor the fabrication and testing of the

3 Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger Channel Heads in accordance with the petrochemical refinery standards.

The S&T Heat Exchanger bonnets are for an AS1210 class 2A vessel. It was identified that the Channel bonnets required replacement due to corrosion. All material, fabrication, testing, and documentation was provided to satisfy AS1210 quality requirements.

The supply scope also involved, NDE – RT, MT, hardness testing, Post weld heat treatment & surface treatment suitable for in-situ insulation when installed.

“Client was extremely satisfied giving us 5 stars in our ISO feedback assessment and indicating that they would recommend FFF Australia.”

thumbnail of FFF Australia – Replacement S&T Heat Exchanger Bonnets

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